Liberec and its surroundings offer an array of interesting places for visitors to discover. These go well beyond the iconic Ještěd mountain and hotel. You can indulge in skiing and hiking, enjoy scenic landscapes and historic chateaux or explore the rich glassmaking history of the region.


Discover the city of Liberec:


Outdoor activities:

Jizerské hory (Jizera Mountains):

Ještěd mountain and hotel:

Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise):

Krkonoše (Giant Mountains):

Lusatian Mountains (Lužické hory):


Chateaux and historical sites:

Sychrov (chateau):

Bezděz (castle):

Lemberk (castle):

Trosky v Českém ráji (ruins): 

Hejnice monastery:

Basilica and monastery of St. Vavřinec and Zdislava:



Nový Bor, the glassmakers‘ capital: Nový Bor

‘A je to’ glassworks in Lindava – blow your own glass or have lunch at the Glassmaker‘s Pub:

Glass Museum in Jablonec nad Nisou:

Outdoor activities: